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Squore: Analytics for Software projects

The Squore Software Analytics Platform enables quality management of embedded software and systems projects across the whole development lifecycle by:

The purpose of this section is to provide a high-level view of the Squore solution. All detailed information and other headings can be found on Vector website.

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Squore Variants

Squore/Software Analytics

All along the project lifecycle, Squore/Software Analytics automatically collects and aggregates with its own results the measures from the various tools already in use in your environment, in order to provide an overall and historical insight on software products and processes. Squore/Software Analytics is a turnkey solution which integrates pre-defined quality and performance indicators, built on extensive experience with major industrial users.

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Squore/KPI is a fully customizable version of Squore, in order to perfectly fit existing in-house practices, methods and tools. It makes it simple to implement an analytics process that will take into account expected objectives, applicable regulations and standards, risks to be minimized, current practices, level of maturity… and of course, your available data.

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All Squore resources, including product descriptions, technical articles, case studies, press releases, events and webinar recordings are now located on vector.com.

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